Lord Luis Bacardi


This website is created in honor of the memory of Luis Adalberto Facundo Gomez de Campo Bacardi, Lord of Bayfield Hall. His wife, Monika Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall wishes to serve one last tribute to her late husband with whom she shared her life together for many years.

This website relives the life of a great man: Lord Luis Bacardi.


Luis Bacardi was born in Cuba in 1933. After living his entire childhood in Cuba, Lord Luis Bacardi traveled around the world and eventually established himself in Monte-Carlo, where he met Monika, a lovely and intelligent Italian heiress, who became the love of his life. It is with Monika, whom Luis loved with passion, decided to start a family. After their marriage, Monika gave birth to a beautiful girl, Maria Luisa Bacardi (in honor to the important women in his life: his mother Maria Ernestina and his wife Monika). It is with the arrival of his daughter Maria that Luis decided to gradually withdraw from his management position in the Bacardi group in order to spend more time with his family until the end of his days.